Get your head in the cloud at VMWorld Barcelona Sept 2017: Quest Demo RR/VROOM

Actually you probably already have your head in the clouds in the best possible way.  We have become used to the term and the reality of Cloud Computing and the benefits they deliver of better utilization of resources, greater flexibility to change what we have deployed and how along with the speed at which we can do things.  Change as they say is the only constant and so here we are facing yet more change as we blend our private on premise clouds with private off premise clouds and public offerings such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Changes in our virtual cloud worlds bring us benefits, opportunities to do things differently things we might not have been able to easily accomplish before.  Let’s take for instance Disaster Recovery.  Once upon a time we would create back-ups to tape which we would take off site like some form of religious observance.  Should some disaster befall us we would hire in a trailer full of servers and spend days reinstating our systems.  Now tools like Rapid Recovery means we can backup our virtual and cloud environments and recover them to other cloud environments, no need for the trailer full of servers and no need to spend days recovering critical systems. 


As ever we are all asked to look after this expanding environment and do more than ever before.  Keeping track of how our systems are performing, undertaking regular maintenance to keep them performing well, recovering resources that are no longer needed where they are, planning for the future and knowing that everything is safely protected is hard to do when time is so limited and systems so many.

Never fear we can help.  At Quest we’ve been thinking about clouds for a very long time.  Our history goes right back to the patents that underpin the cloud (Virtualized logical server cloud, Virtual server cloud interfacing), yet more for understanding and managing it (Systems and methods for analyzing performance of virtual environments, Community analysis of computing performance) and for protecting and recovering the systems deployed to it (Systems and methods for performing recovery of directory data) and we’re still thinking about them today.  We are constantly looking for ways to help you manage and reduce the complexity and at the same time give you the tools confidence to take advantage of the opportunities presented.


So come and visit our QUEST Virtual Room (VROOM) at VMworld on stand B518 to see how we can help you manage, protect and recover your cloud environments be they VMware, Hyper V, OpenStack, Azure or AWS.

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Find out how to keep on top of those optimization maintenance tasks, understand the resources being used, the capacity remaining and plan for the future, see how to know what is protected and how it can be recovered rapidly.  Tell us what you’re challenges are and what you’re doing in the cloud and help shape our future tools.