NetVault Backup 12.0 is Available

Announcing Quest® NetVault Backup 12.0 – Enterprise backup and Recovery Simplified

When disaster strikes — whether it’s malware or ransomware; an earthquake, flood or fire; system failure; or human error — you want to feel confident that your backup and recovery plan is rock solid. Quest® NetVault® Backup offers comprehensive protection for large, complex IT infrastructures — systems, applications and data — especially when deployed in a hybrid, virtual environment.

Based on valuable customer and partner feedback, NetVault Backup 12 includes significant enhancements to make it easier to deploy and manage your backup and recovery environment while improving virtual server protec­tion, storage performance, efficiency and scalability, system security and control, and catalog search. You also get built-in application-aware SAN snapshot support.


  • Scaled-up virtualization backup management (requires plug-in for VMware): By enabling the VMware plug-in to run on any available proxy, NetVault now enables you to back up your virtual machines with a single unified view that scales to thousands of VMs. The NetVault solution features a heuristic algorithm that assigns backup jobs across multiple NetVault clients acting as backup proxies.
  • Application-aware storage array snapshots: Application-aware SAN snapshots offer significantly easier and faster backups than traditional backup systems. You’ll get recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) that are virtually impossible to achieve with a traditional backup system.
  • Single sign-on (SSO): Log into NetVault using your Active Directory logon credentials. Role-based access control regulates what operations administrators can perform (per the AD privileges assigned).
  • Client push install: Take advantage of AD and LDAP to enable “push install” capability for NetVault clients. This capability is a big plus in large environments with hundreds of clients that need upgrades or installs.
  • Powerful catalog search: This state-of-the-art search capability enables fast and granular searches of its backup index for backup and restore. Include fast-search capabilities for metadata (name, mod date, type, etc.) and save-sets with offline indexes in your search results.
  • State-of-the-art usability: NetVault 12 introduces more intuitive workflows and efficient navigation. You can now complete many workflows without traveling across several pages. Most operations can be performed from a single screen.


Bottom line: NetVault Backup simplifies enterprise backup and recovery. If you’re not using NetVault today for your large, complex environment, it’s time to test it out.


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