Gain end-to-end visibility of all data protection activities across your entire IT environment anywhere, anytime. The Quest Data Protection Portal is an intuitive, cloud-based data protection management solution that enables you to monitor all your backup and recovery operations — wherever they’re located — from one single management console.

The Quest Data Protection Portal works with Rapid Recovery backup and recovery software, which protects anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud. By giving you visibility and control over your Rapid Recovery cores, from anywhere in your network.

The Quest Data Protection Portal allows you to perform backups, replications and recoveries from anywhere you can access your network.

Whether it’s a new Rapid Recovery deployment, or an existing one, The Quest Data Protection Portal comes at no extra cost to Rapid Recovery users, integrating easily with previous Rapid Recovery releases back to version 5.4.

  • Monitor all of your Rapid Recovery Core servers wherever they’re located.
  • Receive notifications – including errors and warnings – if action is required.
  • Check the status of all backups, replications, and virtual standbys.
  • Check your backup environment from a smartphone with a mobile friendly interface.
  • Control access at the group or user level for total security.
  • Integrate easily with previous Rapid Recovery versions to v5.4.
  • Get the Quest Data Protection Portal at no extra cost to existing Rapid Recovery deployments.

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