Transformative Backup and Recovery

Everyone’s talking about digital transformation. It’s the key to business success these days, whether you are a ride-hailing service or a trucking company. But what does “digital transformation” even mean? From a business standpoint, it means a lot of creative thinking and research, strategic planning and development. On the other hand, from an IT perspective, it means maintaining business continuity (read: the status quo) while at the same time researching, testing and implementing whiz-bang technologies to make business leaders’ dreams come true. 

It’s not exciting, and it’s not always easy, but being proactive about data backup and recovery is critical. Savvy IT organizations know to leverage flexible and powerful strategies and technologies that not only protect an organization’s critical apps and data and accelerate recovery but that also help proactively avoid outages and data loss in the first place.

Proactive IT administrators these days apply predictive business continuity strategies to ensure minimal downtime and greater productivity as their organization works to transform itself in the latest digital era. It’s a critical stance for evolving your IT organization from a basic cost center to a business enabler and strategic asset.

For data backup and recovery to play its rightful role in this evolution, it must support these forward-looking best practices:

  • Automate processes to increase efficiency
  • Modernize infrastructure to get to the cloud faster
  • Enable a data-driven business through real-time analytics
  • Optimize the application experience to provide a better service to users

Check out our white paper "Digital Transformation — Best Practices for Data Recovery and Protection" to learn more about how you can implement these best practices and align your data protection strategy with the needs of your rapidly transforming business.

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