Want to Reduce Backup Storage Costs by up to 90 Percent?

Today, every company uses backup software to protect their critical systems, applications and data. But addressing the exponential growth of data you use to run your business and support your customers takes a huge chunk out of your IT budget. And when you add in running backups more frequently to address demanding recovery point objectives, storage costs skyrocket.

The solution: data deduplication. But not all dedupe is created equal. Many different dedupe approaches exist, such as source based, target based, inline, post process and more.

And then, you have to consider how you’re running backups: file based, image based, full, incremental or differential. Remember, the more common the data being backed up over time, the greater the resulting deduplication will be.

Instead of trying to guess or figure this out on your own, Quest is happy to provide you with a dedupe ROI tool based on the Quest® QoreStor deduplication solution.

Take a look at our tool and see how much you can save on your storage requirements and associated costs.

Calculate how much your storage will shrink with Quest QoreStor deduplication.