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    • Spotlight Data Collections

      7 May 2018
    • Spotlight offers a variety of performance health metrics with diagnostic drilldown screens for each problematic area of your server. Each drilldown screen provides detail data to help you diagnose and isolate application problems. Spotlight provides the users the capability to customize the frequency of data collection in addition to the option of storing historical date in Spotlight’s Repository database.

      In order…

    • Toad for Oracle 13.0 is already available!

      4 May 2018
    • Let's play a game! Open Toad for Oracle and go to Help | About. Which version do you have installed?

      Peter: 12.10
      Alicia: 12.11

      Ok! that is fine (although you can always go for the latest version of course!).

      Caveman: 9.7! 

      Me: hummmm... ok!In this case there isn't any other option than upgrade. There are lot of reasons...let's see some of them:

      • This version isn't supported by Quest
      • Toad for…
    • How Can Monitoring Help a DBA Participate in DevOps?

      1 May 2018
    • DevOps is everywhere, seemingly permeating every aspect of IT.  The way that companies are building and managing their applications has become increasingly agile, and many of the comforts that DBA's used to rely on are no more.  Specifically, DBA's used to find comfort in knowing that very rigid change control processes would limit the likelihood that a production database server would experience a change, potentially…

    • SharePlex and Transaction Relationship

      25 Apr 2018
    • How hard is it to setup replication?  Most information out there makes it simple since they are high-level replication setup.  The instructions you find are: Installing the software Starting up the software Run preparation for replication ...
    • Toad for Db2 - Editing of PDS-member on a z/OS subsystem

      19 Apr 2018
    • With the last release of Toad for Db2, a new capability was introduced. The user can now edit any PDS member on the host in the SQL editor of Toad: simply open an existing member and load it into the editor.

      For a longer time you could already upload scripts with SQL statements (in particular DDL statements from advanced alter or compare) or Db2 utilities via the remote job execution feature in Toad as a PDS member. As…

    • Transformation, Partitioning and Selective Replication with SharePlex

      17 Apr 2018
    • Customers often ask “Can SharePlex do transformation?”.  Often, what they’re really asking is, “Can SharePlex selectively replicate rows or columns?” or “Can SharePlex move data from one column in the source, to a different column in the target?”


      For Oracle to Oracle replication, the answer to all three of these questions is, “Yes!”  For Oracle to all other targets…

    • A new license key format in Litespeed 8.6

      6 Apr 2018
    • From v8.6, Litespeed has introduced a new license key format within the product. Your old key will still work for the foreseeable future, but there is now the option to enter either a newer format v8.6 key, or the existing and older format v8.5 key.

      Upon entering your key in v8.6, you'll see a new option, highlighted below:


      If you do have an existing key, please select this option, and you'll see a box appear for…

    • DevOps in der Datenbankentwicklung 3/3

      27 Mar 2018
    • Toad DevOps Toolkit

      Quest hat über die letzten zwei Jahre mit vielen Kunden zusammengearbeitet, um besser zu verstehen, welche Herausforderungen bestehen, die Oracle Datenbankentwicklung in ihre DevOps Infrastruktur zu integrieren. Die Befragung fokussierte sich auf Mitarbeiter, Prozesse und Technologien, die eine Rolle für die erfolgreiche Implementierung von DevOps spielen.

      Quest stellt in diesem Umfeld ein…

    • DevOps in der Datenbankentwicklung 2/3

      27 Mar 2018
    • Wo helfen die DevOps Datenbanktools?


      Verwaltung von Codeänderungen - Die Versionskontrolle spielt in Datenbankentwicklungsprojekten eine andere Rolle als in der Anwendungsentwicklung. Sie ist jedoch eine gute Möglichkeit zur Nachverfolgung von Änderungen an der Data Definition Language (DDL) in allen Schritten während des Verfahrens. Die Nachverfolgung von Überarbeitungen der gespeicherten Funktionen und Prozeduren…

    • DevOps in der Datenbankentwicklung 1/3

      27 Mar 2018
    • Brauchen Sie DevOps?


      Wenn Sie noch überlegen, ob DevOps für Ihr Unternehmen sinnvoll sein kann, stellen Sie sich einfach die folgenden Fragen:

      • Verlangt das höhere Management von Ihnen, Ihre Lieferfristen und Prozesse zu beschleunigen?
      • Kommt es in Entwicklung, Qualitätssicherung und Lieferung zu Verzögerungen?
      • Gibt es im Anwendungslebenszyklus viele manuelle Prozesse, die die Bereitstellungszeit…
    • Spotlight SQL Server Error Log Reader

      19 Mar 2018
    • The task of reviewing, filtering, and organizing SQL Server error logs can be a very time consuming one for a DBA.  More importantly, business requirements might necessitate this scrutiny to be done very frequently on each working server in orde...
    • Database Down!

      8 Mar 2018
    • There are so many things you never want to hear in life:

      • “Sorry, this stall’s out of TP, too.”
      • “Whoops! We thought you were dead.”
      • “What do you mean, you ate that? Are you insane?!”

      But few things are worse than the dreaded:

      • “Database down.”
      • “Your database is offline.”
      • “The database crashed.”

      Stress level: Liam Neeson mid hostage negotiation…

    • Save Your Nails With SharePlex!

      8 Mar 2018
    • We all love doing migrations, upgrades and patches on our production databases. The thrill and excitement of hoping nothing will happen just brings joy to a DBA’s heart. This is usually the time where our fingernails can take the brunt of our joy. What if something happens during the migration/upgrade that causes an extended outage, what if we find a bug after the migration, what if….what if… and there goes the nails…

    • 3 Surprising Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

      6 Mar 2018
    • The whole cloud migration thing’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? I mean, where do you even begin? Moving to this huge, new, nebulous platform can feel like a monumental undertaking. And you’re probably feeling the pressure to get there, well, yesterday.

      But the thing is, it’s okay if you haven’t performed a major cloud migration yet. Because while everyone’s talking about moving…

    • The International Day of Awesomeness is upon us and you should celebrate

      5 Mar 2018
    • DBAs are all kinds of awesome. We’re smart. Stylish. Capable of administering databases! Who else can say that? Yeah. Just DBAs. Our technical wizardry is second to none.

      Because we’re awesome.

      And guess what today is. It’s our day. That’s right. March 10 doesn’t just represent the seven-day countdown for ingesting so much green beer the sewers run emerald with the evidence of our Saint Patrick’s Day festivities…