COLLABORATE with us: hit up the Quest booth and four other cool spots in San Antonio

Listen: Nothing’s more dangerous than a severely empty stomach on a work trip. You’re gonna be drinking. You’re off your time zone. You’ve got the nerves from dealing with strangers all up in your biz.

It’s too much!

What you need is comfort food. Some sustenance to soothe you. Because, really, with the exception of carnival rides, everything’s better on a full stomach.

So where should you head in this strange city that’s not your own?

You’ve got a vague recollection of some Anthony Bourdain show where he crammed delicious pressed-duck eyeballs into his gob, or maybe it was a sheep tonsil. But you can’t remember the name of the place. Mm hm. That’s what happens when you get low blood sugar. Inability to focus.

Don’t worry. We got you.

Here’s what you’re gonna do. Hit up spot number one on this list. Then, follow the rest of our San Antonio survival guide to take your Texas trip to the next level. Ready? Here we go.

Numero uno: Zinc Bistro

Don’t let the name fool you: You do not have to eat straight chunks of the periodic table. Nay. This classy joint is servin’ up burgers, along with vegetarian and vegan options. In the mood for a lamb burger? Lucy from Florida swears, “It’s to die for,” with no fewer than seven exclamation marks. Plus, Zinc Bistro has a great rep as the go-to place for business lunches. Feeling better already? You bet your app, you are! Here, wipe your mustache. You got a little something. Now let’s head over to…

Spot two: Booth 326 at COLLABORATE

Once you’re ready to rise from your carb coma like a phoenix from the ashes, spread your wings and fly on over to the tradeshow floor. There, you will hit up booth numero 326. Because we are waiting for you. We are waiting for you with advice on how to modernize your database environment. You’ll see how to manage, monitor and move data with end-to-end solutions that reduce stress, risk and costs. Plus, you can enter to win a Nintendo Switch! And you’ve got a decent chance, considering it’s not like we’re only giving away one. Mm mm. We’re pulling out all the stops, mi amigo. Which brings us to...

Location tres leches: Second floor at COLLABORATE, room 210A

This is obviously the third and most delicious stop, as it allows you to devour advice from an Oracle expert. Delicious! You’ll get your fill of time-saving tips on dealing with Oracle’s locking mechanism. Industry expert Albert Rodriguez will explain how to avoid unnecessary performance issues due to lock waits, whether on premises or in the cloud. This session (ID 109: Oracle Database Locking Mechanism Demystified) is going down at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 8.

Schick Quattro: Four-times the cutting-edge fun!

It’s almost 6:30 p.m. on Monday at COLLABORATE. *Oprah singing voice*: And you knoooooooow what that means! You get a prize! And you get a prize! And – okay, well, maybe you will. I don’t know how lucky you’re feeling. But now’s the time to rush back over to the Quest® booth (#326) for your chance to win that fun, new Nintendo Switch! Woot, woot! Hotel party in your room! And, hey, if it doesn’t work out this time, try again Tuesday at 6:30. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Location five: Second floor at COLLABORATE, room 213B

Well, who do we have here, if not everyone’s favorite Data Guard guru! In this session, Oracle expert Mike Shurtz is breaking down everything you need to know about Oracle Data Guard. Since this is one of the most important options in Oracle, your COLLABORATE experience simply wouldn’t be complete without Mike’s tips on using Data Guard to ensure high availability, data protection and disaster recovery. Catch this session (ID 104) at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10.

Hang with us at the Quest booth.

Booth 326 is your best bet for a chill place to hang if you need a break from the conference chaos. Why? Because we’re just a fun, happy crew. We’re not gonna hit you over the head with some endless, boring sales pitch. Sure, we might tell you about the perks of our database management solutions of which there are a-plenty. You might get a gander at how our Oracle solutions can save you hours each day. But mostly, we just want to get to know you. Because if there’s anything we really care about, it’s collaborating with database professionals to improve their workdays. Ready? Come see why 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies love doing business with us.

Visit Us at Booth 326

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