Rule Catalyst Free Database Space questions

This morning, we walked into the office and found several FSM: Database space monitor emails.

The body of the email says:

Rule Catalyst Free Database Space Checking fired with Fatal severity based on limit specified in

registry variable DBSMon.FatalFreeTablespaceSize.  The remaining database size is xxxxxxxxxxxxx bytes.

We set up email from Foglight last week, and I know that we didn't set a database space email alert up.  We haven't adjusted any thresholds or anything at this point in Foglight.

With 20 + servers registered in Foglight, this email does not give me enough information to know what server to work on.

What triggered this?

Is there a way to modify the email to tell us what server and/or database it is referring to?

Thank you

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  • Hi Eneko,
    Yes, we need to check related database free size, this rule only available for Oracle and SQL Server, so it check free space of Oracle tablesapce and SQL server free space.

    If the database size if full, no more foglight object/object history/object metrics can persisted to DB.

    This rule is enabled by default and it will send email to system admin in foglight.
    If you want to find the email triggered by which FMS server, some modification on the rule required.
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