Some insights into your environment

Hi All,

I have been working on new cartridge to bring together some previous work from the community.

Attached you will find Environment Insights, this cartridge is community driven so please post what you would like to see.

What is included:

  • VMware
    • Datastores
    • Datastore Clusters
    • vSwitch
    • Powered off VMs
    • VMs with Limits
    • Top Consumers
  • FMS and FGLAM Health
  • Host Insights
    • Physical
    • Hyper-V
      • Physical Socket Count
    • ESXi
      • Physical Socket Count

  • Alarm Analysis
  • Audit Information

If you have never added a cartridge head to Dell Software Support  for some help.

Version Update 2016/04/05 - 1.4.0

- Added Dashboard for inaccessable VMs

- Added VM to datastore usage

Version Update 2015/12/23 - 1.2.3

 - Added Agent Status and FGLAM Status information

Version Update 2015/12/18 - 1.1.5

 - Added distributed vSwitch

Version Update 2015/12/15 - 1.10

 - Added standard vSwitch and some cosmetic changes

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