Report on No of VMs per datastore


I am using vFoglight 6.6.2. I am trying to have a report generated every week which contains No of VMs running in datastore. But I dont know how to create a dashboard/report to get these details.

requesting experts assistance.

  • Following query gives you as a result all virtual machines on the specified datastore

    Using the following required input parameters:

        {VMWDatastore} : of type foglight-5:VMWDatastore

    Select objects of type VMware Virtual Machine from parameter {VMWDatastore}

        from Root of {VMWDatastore}/virtualCenter/virtualMachineCollection/virtualMachines


                ({VMWDatastore} in /datastores And

                /vmState/current/value equals "poweredOn")

    Setup as UI query will let you use this as a dashboard input.

    Try around with the query and let me know if this help.

    Best regards,


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