Record Severity Rule - how to add record detail

I'm using Infrastructure Cartridge 5.8.5 and have successfully configured a Log Monitor agent and Record Severity rule to alarm/email when there are records that need attention.   

Is there a way within the Rule configuration to retrieve some record detail?   Ideally, I'd like to have some record detail included in the email message for the alarm.   

Thanks for any info.

  • The rule does not alert on every single message in a log file, it indicates errors in log files 

    The error messages are visible in the alert window under history/notes

    and in the dashboard itself in the records table

    Hope this helps. 


  • Yes, I understand where I can look in Log Monitor; that is the problem.   That interface is just not very useful.  The record detail section is extremely small, compared the the "graph" area... which is really not as important as the actual record details.  

    Aside from that, I want a given alarm, to send the record details in the email action it fires.  I know the Foglight limitation of not having the ability to fire on every error message.  That is likely something we'll have to work around.

    It is possible, isn't it?  Our current basic monitoring solution does this for us, so if this can't be done in Foglight, we'll have to keep portions of our current monitoring solution in place.    

  • Hello

    Did you ever get anywhere with this?  I'm looking to replace the legacy Foglight LogMonitor function with this new cartridge.  I got it working first time, but again for me, I want the e-mail to contain pertinent information.  For example, it is checking for two different forms of backup failure, yet the e-mail simply says "There are warning messages in file(s):..."

    With the legacy LogMonitor, it puts the actual error in the mail which means that an Incident can be automatically raised without any checking, but this new rule doesn't seem to have that option.

    Surely there is the option to return the text that appears in the "Record Details" part of the dashboard?



  • I'd be interested in knowing the progress of this request.