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Hi everyone,,

from a few days I have one single repository whit some servers on "configuring" status (other reposiitory are ok).

I tried to:

  • I delete the server from the repository
  • I diinstall the intrust agent from the server
  • I reboot the Intrust Server
  • I tested the 900 port it's ok

Nothing works.

Anyone can help me or explain me why the servers remainng in this status?




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  • Hi,
    I have some news.

    I'm able to install the agent on the computer manually with this comands:
    - copy the folder "redist" on the local computer
    - adcscm.nt_intel -install
    - adcscm.nt_intel -add ServerName Port [password]
    - check --> adcscm.nt_intel -list

    After this the "Dell Intrust Deployment manager" collect all events correcly.

    But, if I try to deploy the agent from the the "Dell Intrust Deployment manager" this action doen't work --> Windows pop-up "Cannot installa one or more agents".

    On the "Dell Intrust Manager log" I see this error:
    Cannot install the agent on 'xxxxx' because of an error. Error text: Cannot access remote Service Control Manager (The RPC server is unavailable. (Win32 error: 1722)).

    On the local computer I checked the RPC service, they are running, I disable the firewall - anti-virus and disable UAC.
    Nothing change.

    Thanks for help me
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