View litespeed maintenance plan in ssms

I am wondering if there is any way to view the details of litespeed maintenance plans in SSMS.  Either by configuring something, or maybe an add on.  I typically use SSMS for managing databases, and like to avoid RDPing into the servers.  One thing I am not able to do is view/edit maintenance plans created using litespeed.  Its a real pain, any advice/tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Hello,

    Currently, the only way to edit Litespeed maintenance plan is via the Litespeed console.
    I would recommend opening a support case and requesting an enhancement to add the ability to edit a LS MP via SSMS.

  • Also just to be sure I am not missing a detail.

    You can always install the Litepseed console onto a workstation or laptop.
    And , just as with SSMS, manage your SQL instances from there without a need to Remote desktop into the servers themselves.

    Hope that helps,