Silent Installation on New Hosts

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I hope someone can point me in the right direction on this one.  I am trying to automate the silent installation on windows AWS EC2 hosts and having a few issues trying to generate the required XML file.  The intention is not to perform remote deployments but a fully silent installation on the host.

When I try and launch the Deployment Wizard on any of the numerous on premise (not EC2) servers we have available to generate the XML file it fails to open.  All servers have version 8.2 installed and I have tried on Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016.

The error received is "RemoteDeploy has stopped working"

Now as I have no need to remote deploy can any share a sample xml file I can use as a basis to run a silent installation?

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  • In the end I didn't need to add the keys programmatically. As the product is installed on an AWS EC2 instance that has an IAM role assigned which has access to the S3 bucket, when I restore a database from backups stored on S3 it works without providing the keys.

    For example:

    exec master.dbo.xp_restore_database @database = N'MyDB' ,
    @filename = N'BACKUPS/MyDB/FULL/MyDB_FULL.BKP',
    @encryptionkey = N'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
    @CloudVendor = 'AmazonS3',
    @CloudRegionName = 'us-east-1',
    @CloudBucketName = 'mybucket',
    @logging = 0,
    @with = N'STATS = 10',
    @with = N'MOVE ''MyDB_data1'' TO ''D:\DATA\MyDB_data1.mdf''',
    @with = N'MOVE ''MyDB_data2'' TO ''D:\DATA\MyDB_data2.ndf''',
    @with = N'MOVE ''MyDB_log1'' TO ''D:\LOG\MyDB_Log.ldf''',
    @with = N'RECOVERY',
    @with = N'REPLACE'
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