As you requested... Migrator for Notes to Exchange now provides "delta sync" functionality.

Quest Listens

Many of the enhancements to our software products come directly from our customers. Quest listens, and more importantly, takes action, on customer feedback and suggestions. Recently, a large customer requested that Migrator for Notes to Exchange be enhanced to provide the option to perform a "delta sync", or migrate only items that have changed since the last migration. This feature would allow this customer to meet their aggressive migration timelines in the most efficient way possible. Quest delivered...

New Feature

We are happy to announce that this new "delta sync" feature is now available to all customers who start their migration with Migrator for Notes to Exchange or later. This new feature is implemented with the following parameter:


Tells the Data Migration Wizard which of two methods to use, to avoid creating duplicate items in Exchange when
an item that has already been migrated to Exchange is queued to migrate again.

For example:


... tells the program that if the source item in Notes was modified after a previous migration, delete the Exchange copy of the item and then re-migrate it from Notes. If the source item in Notes has not been modified, leave the previously migrated copy in Exchange.

Note: RemigrateMode=2 Only migrates the message if there are no matching messages found in any folder in the target mailbox OR if the Notes message has a last modified date that is newer that the matching message found in the target mailbox (in any folder).

Choose the right partner

When you are planning your next migration project, consider partnering with Quest, a company that truly listens to their customers by implementing their suggestions, taking ownership of their issues, being committed to the success of their projects, and continually striving to drive innovation, in order to provide the most comprehensive solutions possible!

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