Enhancing the Management and Security of Hybrid Active Directory

The advent of hybrid Active Directory (AD) environments has presented several challenges that simply didn’t exist in the on-prem only world. Namely this new dual-deployment reality means:

  • Unified identity administration is impossible with native tools
  • The security implications of uncontrolled admin access have been amplified
  • Risk has never been higher, particularly with regard to permissions and entitlements in AD/AAD

One Identity has long been the leader in managing and securing AD and the most recent release of the Active Roles solution extends that leadership to the hybrid environment. With Active Roles, the tedious, error-prone, and disjointed identity administration activities (namely provisioning and de-provisioning) that are par for the course with native tools become streamlined, automated, and accurate – saving time, money, and headaches. A single automated workflow can apply to AD, Azure AD, Exchange, Exchange Online, Lync, Skype for Business, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Office 365 and much more.

Organizations that adopt Active Roles consistently report dramatic improvements in efficiency, reduction in IT workloads, and accelerated times-to-productivity for users.

But Active Roles doesn’t stop there. It also increases security in the Hybrid AD environment by delivering the ability to delegate permissions for the AD and Azure AD Admin accounts ensuring that “superusers” only have the permissions necessary to do their jobs. And that comes from a single, powerful tool. Try it here.

And speaking of permissions…one of the biggest challenges and areas of highest risk, is the lack of insight and control over what permissions an individual user (or administrator) actually has. It’s all too common for a user to have entitlements that are not appropriate for their job. They may have been over-provisioned in an effort to avoid overloading IT; they may have legacy rights that were never turned off as they changed jobs or moved within the organization; or they may have actually worked hard to get elevated permissions – a definite red flag. But where do you even start to find these areas of risk and remediate the problems.

That’s where a brand new One Identity solution comes into play. One Identity Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence (IARI), is a perfect companion to Active Roles. Starling IARI provides comprehensive analysis of user entitlements pinpointing areas of elevated risk to stop bad behavior before it can happen.

If you already use Active Roles – check out IARI. And if you don’t have Active Roles go try it and then can enhance your hybrid AD management and security even more.