Ransomware hit the City of Atlanta – don’t be the next victim!

Last week’s ransomware attack that shut down the city of Atlanta's online systems is just the latest example of the heightened cyber security threat to state and local government agencies. Cyber criminals see your agency as an attractive target because of the sensitive personal data you store — including Social Security and driver’s license numbers, credit card information, and police reports. State and local government agencies must stay ahead of security threats like this one to keep systems critical for public safety running 24x7.

Most attacks begin on user workstations because they’re the most exposed and vulnerable systems on your network. To catch attacks as early as possible and stop them before real damage is done, you’ve got to be monitoring your workstations.

Check out this webcast, where security expert Randy Franklin Smith will explore the three most important logs (security logs, PowerShell and Sysmon) for tighter Windows workstation and endpoint security, as well as logging best practices, including:

  • How to enable logging
  • Which events to collect
  • What to look for

Download Webcast: Top 3 Workstation Logs to Monitor for Early Attack Detection