The Art of Rapid Recovery: Microsoft Cloud


It was said by Sun Tzu that “the greatest victory is that which requires no battle”

Wise words that we can correlate to data loss and data outages.  With the prevalence of ransom-ware and the potential for natural or unnatural disasters every company must be prepared for that battle and be comfortable knowing they will be victorious.  Using local data backups for operating systems, file systems, and databases is the first line of defense but with the cost of adding more storage long term retention isn’t always possible.  It is possible to win but only when prepared.

“The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon”

That commitment to move off tape or stop buying storage should be well executed and done in a timely fashion.  Archiving data off-site and into the cloud for longer term storage can be a cost effective way to stop using tape and stop buying more local storage.  The Microsoft Azure cloud provides for an off-site repository of storage that can be used for archiving data.  The Quest Rapid Recovery has built-in connectors for many cloud storage providers and with the Azure offerings this storage allows Rapid Recovery too perform restores in a timely manner.  The Rapid Recovery cloud connector for Azure allows restores of single files, full directories, databases and even BMR from the cloud.

“A clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease”

Rapid Recovery and the cloud connect for Azure together are the smart way to prepare for battle against data loss and data outages.  These archived images in the Azure cloud can be accessed easily using one mouse click.  Single files, full directories, and databases can quickly be mounted, viewed, and copied locally for access.  In the need of disaster recovery a local BMR can be performed from the archive as well. 

Utilizing a Rapid Recovery replication target virtual appliance these archived files, directories, and databases can be restored into an Azure cloud environment.  The Rapid Recovery Virtual Standby server is a mirrored copy of a local physical or virtual machine that resides in Azure.  In case a local machine has data loss or a data outage the mirrored copy in Azure can be powered on and accessed.

“It’s best to win without fighting”

Now knowing the relationship between Sun Tzu’s quotes and Rapid Recovery’s ability we can put into practice these snippets and never have to deal with the uncertainty of a battle.  We can lower local storage costs and get rid of tape.  We can provide longer term retention of data by utilizing a cloud storage provider such as Microsoft’s Azure.  We can use a direct cloud connector for archiving and/or add the replication target virtual appliance for in cloud restores and recoveries. 

The battles shouldn’t have to be difficult and should be overcome without fighting.