How to list all files in a backup job?

From user GreyGnome:  

I would like to get a list of all files stored on a File System type backup job. Is this possible?

Through the CLI, if it can be done. On Linux.


  • Posted by AdrianMoir

    Hi GreyGnome,

    You can actually set this via the UI on the backup options for the job. See attached picture.

    This will allow you to set a path and filename of a text file that will list all files that are backed up by the job when the job is executed.

    Once the option set is saved with a name, if you are creating jobs via the CLI, with nvjobcreate, you can specify the -selectionoptionsetname <Backup Option Set Name>, using the name of the option set you created with the 'Path to Backup Log' entry.

    The text file will show the filename as part of the following attributes..

    Backup State,Path,Type,Size(bytes),Timestamp,Attributes.

    Many Thanks,