CLI for SQL Server database recovery


I am trying to script the SQL database recovery .

I try to create a Selection first:

I have a clustered environment and a virtual client configured.

VIRTUALSQL01 - is the name of the virtual client and the SQL server cluster name.

Team Sites_Content - is a database name

NVBUCLUSTERCL - the real client name

When I run the following command like

C:\Program Files\BakBone Software\NetVault Backup\util>nvsetcreate -setname RM_22308209 -type RS -client VIRTUALSQL01 -plugin "SQL Server APM" -saveset 1642 -in

clude "VIRTUALSQL01/Team Sites_Content" -rename "VIRTUALSQL01/Team Sites_Content=Y:\\Microsoft SQL Server\\MSSQL.1\\MSSQL\\DATA/RM_TEMP_CONTENT_B71BB5DA_22308209" -restoretarget NVBUCLUSTERCL -restoreoption 133=True -restoreoption 404=VIRTUALSQL01

I get the "Failed to add selection 'VIRTUALSQL01/Team Sites_Content'" error.



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