List files in a specific saveset

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if it's possible to view the list of files in a specific saveset in Netvault 10.0.5? When I create a restore job with that saveset, it presents a full snapshot of all the files I can restore as at the date of that saveset, but I want a list of the files in that specific saveset only.

The reason is, one particular incremental saveset was ~6 times the size of the ones before and after, and I'm trying to work out what exactly got backed up that made it so much larger.


 - Ben

  • Hello Ben,
    First I'd ask what type of backup you performed? NetVault 10 does display a list of files within each saveset by clicking on the saveset itself. Within the restore screen you can also do a "search" for a particular file in question per plugin if desired. NetVault will display that file and it's location in the savesets (potentially many of them). This would be the same for the VMware and Hyper-V plugins.
  • Hey Scott, thanks for the reply :)

    It was an incremental. When I create a restore job, I'm presented with what looks like a snapshot of the entire filesystem as of the date of the incremental, not the files in that incremental only (e.g. there are files in /root that did not change in the 24 hours since the previous incremental, but they're presented as if I can restore them). Is there some other way I should be looking at the saveset maybe?

    It's just a plain filesystem backup from a Redhat 6 host.
  • Hi Ben,
    When you create a saveset in NetVault, it is always an original saveset for a Full backup, which means, when you create an incremental backup, you are loading that same saveset that was created for the Full.
    So, when you view this saveset, you are seeing the entirety of what you selected in the Full saveset. And when you view the the restore for the incremental, you are still seeing the the full saveset, plus the changes since the last backup.
    A good way to compare would be to view the saveset via restore for the backup before it grew exponentially and see what changed.
  • Right, so the only way to compare is to look at the previous incremental and manually compare to the incremental I'm interested in, is that correct?

    That's frustratingly manual. I'm going to have 2 windows open side by side and visually go through them to try and work out what's different, and then I'm going to have to run `du` commands to actually work out the relevant change? That's woefully sub-optimal.
  • Ben,

    Since it is a filesystem backup under the backup options there is an option to create a log of the files backed up using the "path to backup log" field. This will create a file with a list of all the files backed up in the job including the full path. Still not optimal but would give you the info you need from an incremental backup.