New backup task fails: Wating for job options

Hey all,

Im new to this software and have been set the ask on changing the backup methods currently as its a mess.

It's running Version Netvalt 9.20 backing up to two quanta disks per day.

Ive made a task, the same files to back up but a different time, but fails when starting it shows this and doent move.

Status: Wating for job options

when you stop it it says it failed to initialize backup stream.

Any ideas on this?



Kind regards


  • It mostly seems like connection issue between the client and server, check telnet port 30032 from server to client.

    Check in client window (from main console of netvault)do a check a ccess.If check access passes then you should be good unless there is some firewall issue.
  • When you stop it and it states "Failing to initialize backup stream" after it has been aborted, this can be due to the abort. However, the thing to find out is, if you creating a new job based off the existing job, to run at a new time, is the existing job working or doing the same thing?
    "Waiting for Job Options" can be due to another reason though.
    What is the OS?
    If the original backup is working, check the existing backup options for the original job and make sure those match.
    Also, if this is not a Domain Controller/AD Server, make sure to remove the System State option from the backup as well.
  • Thanks this helped, the job was stuck, pending failed as the tape were full.