Has anyone ever used a system state restore to bring back a server that has crashed? My server crashed, but I do not have a bare metal. I want to reload windows and restore files and system state on same hardware.

What is the point of a system state backup if I can't use it to bring back a server on the same hardware?

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    This is what the System State restore does. It is used to restore the system OS back to the same state on the same hardware, it does not however bring back anything like the MBR or partitioning, that would be a Bare Metal.

    Please refer to this guide for further information on the System State Backup and Restore Considerations and Procedure.

    From the FS Plugin Guide:
    System State restore considerations

    Consider the following when restoring system state backups to a second system:

    •The System State Backups can only be restored to the same system or an alternate system with the same hardware (that is, same make, model, and configuration). There should not be any driver, hardware, or firmware differences between the source and destination systems.

    •On Windows 2012, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 R2, System State recovery is only supported on the same operating system instance. It is not supported on a reinstalled operating system on the same or different hardware.

    •Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) and System State Recovery have different objectives.

    •The NetVault Bare Metal Recovery Plug-ins use VSS to take a snapshot of a bootable volume (for example, C:\), and back up that volume at block level. There is no file system awareness during this process. During restore, the system is booted in an offline state using WinPE (preferred) or the Linux-based VaultOS, and the bootable volume (C:\) data is restored at block level. This method is recommended to recover a system that is in unbootable state, or to perform a full system recovery to an alternate system

    •System State Recovery recovers the System Registry, COM + Database, Certificate Services, Active Directory, SysVol, and other system state components to a previous known state. Problems can occur when you use a backup of C drive and System State to perform a full restore to an alternate system.

    For more information about these issues, see the KB article support.microsoft.com/.../how-to-restore-a-windows-installation-or-move-it-to-different-hardware from Microsoft.