Rapid Recovery

Cloud backup

I am looking for real world experience on the Cloud Backup with Dell Appassure.

I am on 5.4.3.

I have been looking at Azure, AWS and Efolder. I haven't gotten any pricing yet. 

Does anyone have experience with any of these?

I haven't had alot of luck on how to determine how much these would cost. I assume I can ask efolder however Azure and AWS are a little confusing. 

1. Do any of you have an example of how much you are replicating and cost. I have a repository that is currently 5tb. 

2. Does it cost for hosting the Core and then for data separately.

3. Is there special licensing from Dell to use the Cloud Core?

4. Do you find it to work well? 

5. Any other useful information you may have/


  • Hi,

    If you need more information about "cloud replication" and all the things involved do not hesitate to send me an email. I'll do the best I can to help you answering all your questions.

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  • I've been using Azure for a cloud-based Appassure Replication for going on 2 years now.

    Locally : 10 vMs in the Appassure Core with about 3.6TB for the repository (7.64TB protected data)

    Azure : A3 VM (Windows) running Appassure as a Replication site, 4TB GEO-redundant attached storage for the repository

    1. For the Azure vM and attached storage it runs about $520/month, including some nominal networking charges (Azure doesn't charge for incoming traffic).

    2. The Dell Appassure license is good for a Core and, I believe, as many replication sites as you like.

    3. I didn't pay anything special.

    4. It works great (see caveat below).  My core had been running for 6 months when I gave this a try.  It took, literally, about 30' to get my Azure vM setup, attach the storage, install Appassure and start the replication.  We had (at the time) a 10MB internet connection and it took about 2 weeks for the whole core to replicate.

    5. Caveat!!!  Since the replication site is running on a vM, you *cannot* create an export suitable for booting up as a vM.  This setup is strictly useful for the data.  If my main data closet and local Appasure server, on opposite ends of our warehouse, both burn down I can get back important information in a few hours.  From some earlier thread I know it has been requested that Appassure add the feature to allow this sort of export scenario, but for the moment it doesn't exist.

  • Very important information from Christopher! I would like to add that, albeit you cannot make a direct export in Azure (or any other cloud provider), you have two options to recover VMs in the cloud.

    1. Create a virtual disk, attach it to another virtual machine on the same subnet that has the RR agent installed ad do a direct restore of the system volume, then detach the volume and attach it to a new VM.

    2. Create a new VM, boot from the BMR boot iso and perform the restore. In both cases there may be necessary to do some tinkering to be able to boot the restored machine.

    Please note that on Azure there iaalready available a virtual Rapid Recovery Appliance  which works pretty well. The Appliance is free but the regular Azure costs for running a server apply.

    Just for the record, sending ingress data to Azure is practically free; you pay only for egress data. Due to the "conversations" between the two cores, there is some egress data to pay for but as Christopeher has mentioned it is almost nothing.

  • Has there been any change/improvement on direct export of VMs replicated on Azure?
  • This KB appears to claim that recovering replicated VMs on Azure is now possible (support.quest.com/.../215524). Has anyone successfully tried it?