Protect the Appassure Core

Just a quick poll.

What are you guys using to protect your core servers?  (Not the repository)




Can Appassure protect itself?

  • Our standard configuration is to have a separate mirrored set that houses the OS, Core installation and other apps.

    We then have a script that uses an API call to run the Backup feature from the core and upload it to our SharePoint server, this is done once a month in case of any changes.

    to be honest though, we havent tested this...

  • Hi Fredbloggs,

    1. During every update Dell-AppAssure Core is backing up its registry (which contain  Dell-AppAssure Core configuration). You can find it here C:\Program Files\AppRecovery\Core. File "CoreBackup_[timestamp].

    2. There is two copies op the dedup cache. Original - PrimaryCache and backup - SecondaryCache. You can find it here C:\ProgramData\AppRecovery\RepositoryMetaData.

        Also you can change path to the primary or\and secondary dedup cache via Dell-AppAssure Core UI. Core Configuration Tab -> Settings ->Deduplication Cache Configuration - >Change

    3. You can find installer cache here C:\ProgramData\AppRecoveryInstallerCache

    Thank you,

    Anton Kolomiiets.

  • Its probably taking multiple base images.

    But it really does not matter because you should not use a core to protect itself (never thought about 1 core backing up another core) You are stuck in a catch 22. You need a running Core to restore, so to restore your Core, it would already have to be running and therefor would not need to be restored

    I have been complaining about this for awhile and never found a good solution. DELL recommends you simply replace/ re-install your Core but this is NOT an easy or painless process. Its a massive multi-step process that seems confusing when you look at how easy it is to protect a "Core" in other products (just using the term Core so people know what I mean, in other products the Core is called something different such as Master, Destination etc)

    If your Core fails, the recovery method is simply to install the Core software on another server and away you go (supposedly) Of course you have to bring back the config (not an easy process since the Core does not protect its config in any way)

    At a minimum you would probably want copies of the following. And again DELL does not protect these in any way, so its up to you

    1) Copy of the Backup Config (this is created after each update I think)

    -  C:\Program Files\AppRecovery\Core. File "CoreBackup_[timestamp].

    2) Copies of your cache (note this path can be changed so make sure its correct

    -  C:\ProgramData\AppRecovery\RepositoryMetaData.

    3) I have no idea what this is, but it has been mentioned before

    -  C:\ProgramData\AppRecoveryInstallerCache

    4) Export the entire reg key

    -  HKLM/SOFTWARE/AppRecovery

    There was a technote that went over most of the steps above (dont think it had the reg info tho) but I cant find it atm. Maybe someone else can provide it

    There was a good write up on this on the old forums, but dell simply deleted those so I can even link you that.

  • Would you mind sharing the details of the script you use?