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How to easily restore an Rapid Recovery archive from AWS Glacier, we archive to AWS S3, then migrate S3 files to Glacier storage.

Rapid Recovery working fine, archive to AWS S3 bucket which we have set up for glacier storage class.  How do I restore from this?  Rapid Recovery does not see the glacier storage.

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  • Hi brian.lynch_69952:

    Glacier stored objects are not immediately available for restore. Waiting time wise, there are a few retrieval options, each with specific costs. Moreover, data cannot be accessed directly as it is provided as an S3 copy. You need to pay for the duration the archived data is available on S3. (I believe that there is a low cost option that makes the glacier data available on S3 for 24 hours only, but this may or may not suit your restore needs).
    Once the Rapid Recovery archive is made available as a S3 glacier data copy, you can attach it to a core as a read-only repository (if the archive was created via Rapid Recovery 6.x or you can import it if it is in the AppAssure format).

    More details re retrieving data from Amazon glacier is available here:

    Some FAQs may be consulted here:

    The document referenced above contains additional info re Archive Retrieval Options and various charges you may be subjected to.

    It may make sense to compare the ease of retrieval and costs with other Rapid Recovery supported Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or any other providers using the OpenStack technology.

    Hope that this helps.

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