Epson CX5600 with Print Server

Good morning.
My installation is a multifunction Epson CX5600 connected to a D-Link Print Server with 5 users (via WIFI) using XP operating system and Win7 Starter.
All users need to share the function 'Scan'.
The product RemoteScan LAN is appropriate??.
In my installation there is no 'server' and 'client' and the scanner is connected to a Print Server and then to a WiFi router.
I see that the product has a Remote Scan LAN for the server software and other software for customers, in my case I do??, I have not got a dedicated server.
Thanks for the help.
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  • The scanner was generally simple to set-up, and the printer is auto-identified, however there is an awful bug, in any event on the CX5600: when the printer enters remain by mode (following a hour or somewhere in the vicinity), whenever you attempt to print the printer will quit working and close down. Whenever you turn it on, it squanders a great deal of ink. I made a workaround this bug which is canvassed in this howto. EPSON drivers

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