No scanner showing on client

I have an install where the client and server were working fine. The computer with scanner got a virus and the person removing it installed Symantec EndPoint. Now the client (without scanner) will not detect a scanner.

It was working fine nothing has changed on the client, nothing in the set up, firewall config, nothing in the logon in script, but I only got it to show "My Scanner" once and not since.
What is causing the problem?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both ends more than once. I uninstalled the Symantec AV still nothing. The server (the one with the scanner) will show green when connected to the remote computer through Remote Web Workplace but no scanner shows in the aquire image dialog. I need help fast!!! This has been going on for over three weeks.

Also a design suggestion you need to have the client (the one without the scanner) show some kind of indication that the scanner is connected like you have on the server with the green bar. This would aid in troubleshooting. The reason I say this is because with my issue it shows green but nothing is working on the client.
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  • If the remotescan server is running then it will be listening on that port. Perhaps only the "Service control panel" is running and not the actual application?

    Go to "start-programs-remotescan" and then remotescan server to start up remotescan. You may need to go into the process list and stop any remotescans that might be running, then start it and test the port.

    Of course, aggressive anti-virus will also prevent it from listening on a port.
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