reorganize the table on the secondary Shareplex instance in a high availability and data recovery

The purpose is to establish a replication from a primary database to a secondary database. Then we stop replication ( stop export on primary and post on secondary ) Activity continue and queues fill on primary database. At the same time, we reorganize tables on secondary database using export/import, to purge datas and gain space. At the end of reorganization, we restart replication to resync objects. And to finish we deactivate config and move activity on the secondary database which becomes the "Live database". Let me know if it is possible to proceed like this ? Or how can we proceed ? We are not able to do reorganize in the primary database due to disruptions.

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  • You can refer to the section "How to resynchronize source and target tables" on the SharePlex Administration guide for the procedure to sync Target Database. Also check the "Configure replication to maintain high availability" section in the same document for setting up DR site. Please contact SharePlex Technical support for any specific questions on the above.
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