Need details to limit migration access for nVision objects

Is there any possibility to limit migration access to only allow migration of nVision file objects.Even if a CSR contains both
PS objects and nVisions, STAT should not allow the person to migrate any other objects other than nVision objects.

If yes can you help with the steps how to set up the new role/user class.

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  • Do you not want this user to migrate PS objects in all csr? If yes, then all you need to do is do not enter any PSOPRIPD/Password under User Options | Peoplesoft Options for staging and target db. You can also remove the user right called PS Archive set - Migrate PS objects under PS migration Mgmt and that would prevent the user from migrating ps objects altogether. Unfortunately there is no way to only allow user to migrate nvision, but not sqr for example. Stat have the object type restrictions where you can limit the user from having access to certain object types, but if the objects are already in the csr added by someone else. User who have the right to migrate file objects will be able to migrate all files objects.  

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