Migrating Images

Has anyone used Stat to migrate images to the $OA_MEDIA folder in EBS?  The destination path appears to be $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/media but I'm not sure how we could reference for a custom object.


  • I created a Custom Object type to handle GIF files in $OA_MEDIA so it can be done.


    Tom Shaw

  • Hello,

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    Madison Zraick

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  • Hi Tom,

    can you provide more detail?  Did you need to define the $OA_MEDIA as a custom top (I forget the correct name) in the stat.conf file?


  • Yes...   In the Stat conf file I added the following:


    Under:  Maintenance | General | Object Type, I added an Oracle Apps File Objects  named: All GIF Files in OA_MEDIA

    with the following

    Custom Type of Generic 

    File Extension .gif 

    File Format IMAGE

    For Web was checked

  • Just to clarify, under: Maintenance | General | Object Types and clicking on OraApps Base Directories, I had to add a "Base Directory Cd" named: OA_MEDIA with OA_MEDIA as the "Server Environment Variable". In the Stat Conf file I added entry: a16u.env.OA_MEDIA:/oracle/oracleR12/apgl16u/apps/apps_st/comn/java/classes/oracle/apps/media

    Let me know if you need help setting this up.  We can have a Webex session if needed.

    Tom Shaw