STAT - Subversion integration config ideas

I am seeking information concerning integrating Subversion with STAT.   The integration connectivity is established and we have successufly migrated an object archived from Subversion to a tmp location on an EBS instance.    However, with that in place, we have found no clear direction on best techniques to configure. 

The plan is to store the file types in Subversion such as:

.pks  - PL/SQL Package specs

.pkb  - PL/SQL Package body

.class   - Java Class

.xml       -  Form

.rdf    -  Report

.msg   -  Message

.jsp    - JSP

.xml   - OAF XML

.sql    - SQL DDL

.jpx    - JPX

We are planning to create post migration scripts for each file type.

Is there any recommendation concerning the structure of the Subversion repository in relation to the EBS environments?


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