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Reporting on number of Emails send to & from a particular group of users

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We have a group of users (users who work in our retail food stores) that are in a group called "Food Stores". These stores can only send & receive email from the internet, or members of the ad groups "Food Stores" & "Food Comms"
These users are in their own DAG called "Food DAG" and therefore are in their own mailbox databases on their own servers. These users have the same smtp domain as part of their email address as other users in the exchange organisation.

Number of emails received by stores
Number of emails sent by stores

Ideally we would want these broken down by day (so we can see any peaks across the week).

Additionally we need a breakdown between the three groups of users that can possibly send email to and from the stores (i.e. members of "Food Stores" and "Food Comms" groups, and emails from the internet.)

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  • Hi Dave,

    I have looked into this and it appears there may be two ways: 

    1) Email - Activity is one possibility. Yes this would be activity by members of those groups rather than activity to the DL. You can filter by common AD attribute (if one exists), by Mailbox Database Name (if there's specific naming convention). You can't filter by Mailbox DAG name (currently).  The main limitation is you can see activity sent by Food Stores, or received by Food Stores, but not both at the same time (see next)

    2) Email - Bi-Directional Activity would be similar to Email Activity, except it show activity between 2 groups. For example you could see the activity both sent and received by Food Stores / Food Comms. You could also see how much activity between Food Store / Food Comms, compared to external activity. Same filtering options Email - Activity 1).

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



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