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Missing User and SMTP Address data in ActiveSync and/or Mobile Device Report

Hello everyone,

I have a newly built UCA 8.5 HF3 server that runs against our Exchange 2016 Hybrid and Exchange Online environment. Our users mailboxes are all in O365. We are trying to get a report that shows mobile device inventory. Whether I run an ActiveSync Insight or Mobile Device Insight I am not getting the User or SMTP address field data in the report. What could I be missing in the data collection? None of my collections are failing. And I've verified that I'm running the pertinent collections that are used by this insight.

See attachment as the example

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  • Hi ,

    Can you please confirm that you have run Domain Controller and Exchange Online Hybrid User Configuration data sources?

    Also, these two data sources takes a once-a-day snapshot of the data, which means they should be ran and should complete on daily basis.

    One more thing you can check is to set a specific date range on the insight, for example 10/11/2018 - 10/11/2018, and see if it helps.