Are We There Yet?

Anyone taking a long road trip with kids in the back seat will have undoubtedly heard that question before. Anyone on a long, never-ending trip may have thought or said the same thing. Securing your infrastructure is in many ways like a very long road trip, seemingly going on forever. Fortunately, the KACE® Systems Management Appliance and the KACE® Systems Deployment Appliance make getting to your destination a little less complicated.

The first leg of the journey will be to ensure a consistent end-user experience by deploying a standard image across your environment using the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance. Stranded by a corrupted OS due to an unforeseen incident? The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance can re-image that system and get it back on the road. No more spending hours trying to salvage a corrupted OS while other work goes undone.

Once deployed, those systems need maintenance for functionality and security. That’s where the KACE Systems Management Appliance can step in and lead the way. A complete inventory of each system is retrieved and updated every few hours to ensure an accurate picture of one’s systems. Many things are included in the inventory, such as hardware, software, BIOS information and driver information.

From this point, one may update not only Windows and Mac OS patches, but also third-party patches such as Adobe or Java. Moreover, with Quest Updates, one may ensure that Quest® systems are at the latest versions of drivers, firmware and BIOS. With our patch schedules and Quest update schedules, one may set the cruise control, so to speak, to make their trip a little less frightening.

Need to roll out a new software deployment? With the KACE Systems Management Appliance, software deployment troubles will fall by the roadside.

So take a quick trip instead of a long haul in getting your systems finely tuned and secure with the KACE team of appliances.