How to merge PST files?

If you want to merge Outlook data files, then try the Shoviv PST Merge Tool is the best way to make this task hassle-free. It does not set any kind of limitations on adding large and several PST files at a time. The software does not affect the folder structure and data integrity. Each user can perform this task without any technical knowledge. This software offers three options: Merge PST files, merge contacts folder, and Join PST files. The software is eligible to save the merged PST file into an existing or new one. It also lets users merge the ANSI and Unicode PST file types.

A free trial version of the tool is also available, you can install it from the Shoviv Official website.

  • Give a try to GainTools Merge PST Tool for combining multiple of PST files into a single PST to access all emails in an Outlook profile. The user can use this application on any version of the Windows Platform and make a new big PST file from multiple PST files after merging them together.

  • Use the most recent and practical program, Softaken Merge Outlook PST Tool, to combine any number of PST files into a single PST file. With the aid of this expert program, you can seamlessly cohere several PST files into a single file. It delivers compatible PST files that can be readily imported in every edition of Microsoft Outlook while maintaining full folder structure, meta information, text formatting, HTML formatting, and attachments. It can connect PST files in ANSI, Unicode, and archived formats. Users can see their Outlook PST files individually before merging them into one. Download the free demo version of this program to explore the software's further features without spending a single penny.

  • If you want to merge several PST files into one, you might want to use a reliable ToolsCrunch Merge PST for Mac. This application gives you the option to choose many files at once. By successfully combining the PST files while keeping all data, this software will produce a single merged PST file for easy management and accessibility. Users of any Mac operating system, including Mac OS X 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, Mac OS X 11, Mac OS X 12, etc., can download this program. This software can combine several Outlook emails for both technical and non-technical users. Utilize the software's no-cost demo version.

  • Merge PST files in a few clicks with the BetaVare PST Merge Tool. There are users has no need to install other software to join PST files. Users can join their PST files by size, folder, and year without any data loss. Both technical and non-technical users can also use these combined PST files. The software is a fast and accurate utility for merging PST files of different sizes and creating one. It has a simple GUI interface and several advanced features. With this software, users can save their joined PST files as per the required location on the desktop. Use the free demo version of this software to know more features and functions.

  • You might want to consider experimenting with the GainTools Merge PST Tool. This software facilitates the consolidation of multiple PST files into a singular entity, granting access to all emails within an Outlook profile. Compatible with various Windows versions, this application empowers users to amalgamate multiple PST files, resulting in the creation of a larger, unified PST file that accommodates the combined content.

  • If you have several Outlook PST files, and you face problems managing them. Use the MailsDaddy PST Merge & Join tool and combine two or more PST files in one Outlook PST file without losing any data and meta properties. This finest solution quickly and flawlessly merged multiple PST files at once and maintained the original folder structure and text formatting. It supports every Windows Operating system and MS Outlook. Plus, users can skip or remove duplicate items from the list before the merging procedure starts.