Epson Expression 10000XL

I am using your software to share an Expression 10000XL scanner between me and my wifes computer. We use it mainly for scanning in photos which are somtimes in the region of 450MB, this does not cause a problem on the server machine using epsons software, but when I scan using the client it starts as normal in that I get the message "Please Wait ..Scanning" but after about 2-3 minutes it errors with a message saying that the scanner has failed, the scanner then carries on to scan but does not send the image back to the client. Afterwards I need to reboot the server in order to scan again. Is there some kind of time-out that needs to be set?

I also have another problem, because the images are so large I usually scan them in draft mode(using the epson software) but this dosn't seem to be possible using your client software, I have tried firstly scanning with the epson software in draft mode in the hope that it will save it as a default setting, and then with your client, but no luckso far. Is it possible to set the default settings maybe?

Thank you in advance