Twain Drivers

We are running a Citrix set up with 90+ servers on the farm. We have 310 remote-scan installs on workstations in clinics across our health system. Users log on to the Citrix servers as an anonymous user and they all pick up the default profile.

The Twain drivers do not load occasionally and users are not able to scan until they log out of the application.

We had a remote-Scan engineer on a web meeting for 3 hours debugging and he could not figure out why the Twain drivers were not loading correctly.

I am wondering if it is a registry key that is causing the issue. I am hoping to find another user that has encountered the same issue or someone at remote-scan that could assist. Our users are getting very frustrated and do not scan all documents because of this issue. We have been looking at other scanning solutions but would like to keep using remote-scan because of the features, users already trained and the software is already purchased.

We are running Citrix Presentation 4.5 and Client v9.150.39151.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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