Hogwarts Legacy: How to Grow a Moonstone

In Hogwarts Legacy, which is set in the 1890s, players can explore a brand-new Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Some interesting artifacts are more difficult to discover than others, but it is possible to run into a number of them when exploring the vast wizarding realm. In the game, players can prepare an adequate Hogwarts Legacy Account.


While the moonstones available in Hogwarts Legacy aren't hard to find, collecting the quantities players need can take a lot of their time and effort. Thankfully, if players are willing to wait their time, there are ways to earn a lot.


What does moonstone do?

Moonstones can be found at any point while exploring the vast world of Hogwarts Legacy, but players won't learn what they are for until later in the story. They become an important part of the seventeenth main quest, "The Room of Requirement", from which players enter their own personal room, which they can customize to their liking.


Unfortunately, customizing this room costs moonstones in exchange for decorations, so it may take some time for players to design the room the way they want.


looking for moonstone

After gaining access to a desired room, players can begin changing the look of the room by removing certain preset decorations. Using the Evanesco spell on these decorations will compensate the player with some moonstones, allowing some customization right off the bat if the player knows what they want.


Unfortunately, this method of obtaining moonstones is limited, so players will need to enter the world of Hogwarts Legacy if they want to get more. Thankfully, moonstones can be found on a regular basis by exploring the areas outside the castle, and they can all be obtained by removing them with well-targeted spells. Due to their unusual crystal shape, they are easy to spot, but collecting them in large numbers can be a very slow process.


Moonstones harvested from the world will also respawn after enough time has passed, so if players wish to make the most of each harvest area, be sure to pay attention to every place they find them. For the most part, these particular moonstones tend to spawn in outdoor areas like forests and mountains, and while players should collect them when they see them, there is a better way to collect them in large quantities, and the effort required Much less.


Planting Moonstone

For players who don't want to hunt for moonstones, the best way to get a lot of moonstones in Hogwarts Legacy is to let moonstones accumulate passively. To do this, the player must travel to Hogsmeade village and enter the Tomes and Scrolls store at the southernmost end of the village. Inside, players can purchase the Material Refiner, a handy Spellcraft that crafts Moonstones every 10 minutes.


Three Material Refiners can fit in the Room of Requirement, but as each one costs 1,500 Galleons, using the Material Extractor effectively requires 4,500 Galleons in total. The player can passively acquire Moonstones after putting the three Alchemists in the Room of Requirement so they don't need to actively search for Moonstones. mmovip.net is a good resource for further gaming guides.