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Office 365 groups is a valuable and beneficial tool, letting users collaborate and easily share resources with a set group of people. Things get chaotic when you realize that management capabilities of these groups are limited, and in some organizations, users can create groups on their own without involving IT, leaving the IT team with no idea on what needs to be managed.

On Demand Group Management offers a simple SaaS solution to the chaos of managing Azure Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 groups. See for yourself how you can control group chaos and:

  • Implement a hybrid approach to O365 and Azure AD group management
  • Prevent group sprawl with creation policies
  • Enable user self-service while maintaining order through a pre-selected policy framework for group creation, naming, attestation, expiration, etc.
  • Easily enforce rules as groups are created via a self-service UI
  • Continually validate group membership through automated attestation