Waiting for the Internet of Things? IoT is already here.

Learn how organizations are implementing IoT and how yours stacks up.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently conducted a survey across 351 organizations and found that 47% of them consider the Internet of Things (IoT) as essential or important to their business. So, what prevents organizations like yours from implementing IoT—connectivity, data privacy concerns, the right integrated team to make use of the data?

Our infographic below illustrates the latest research data on the IoT marketplace. You’ll find out how businesses are using the technology, which industries are early adopters and the challenges to successfully leveraging IoT technology in your organization.

You’ll discover:

  • Overall adoption rates and sentiments
  • Which industries are leading the way
  • Where geolocation, corporate devices, manufacturing devices and consumer devices play a role in this new area
  • Common pitfalls to implementing a strategy
  • How to deliver added value to your analytic environment

Waiting for the Internet of Things?