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Surviving Common Office 365 Security Pitfalls — Is Your On-Premise AD the Weakest Link?

Office 365 has more than 60 million active monthly users — and for good reason. The platform allows organizations to reduce infrastructure and costs related to licensing and maintenance, and expand storage efficiencies. Additionally, Office 365 empowers workforces to operate from anywhere from any device while increasing scalability and business continuity.

However, most organizations transition to Office 365 in a hybrid environment. This leaves the on-premises Active Directory (AD) as the authoritative source for authentication and authorization requests to Office 365. System administrators synchronize users, groups, attributes and passwords to the cloud for authentication.

Any weaknesses in your on-premises AD will carry over to Azure AD. Securing the data you store in your hybrid environment means taking the necessary steps to secure your on-premises AD from pre-migration to post-migration.

Read this insightful e-book to learn how to:

  • Prep your on-premises AD for synchronization with your Azure AD
  • Protect your data during the migration
  • Avoid dangerous security gaps and crippling inefficiencies
  • Maintain a secure hybrid Office 365 environment