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Modernize your Healthcare IT environment without skipping a beat


78%1 of enterprises — including healthcare organizations — use or plan to use Office 365.

If you’re like many of your industry peers, you’re looking to update your existing infrastructure while also delivering the highest level of patient care.

Miscellaneous Errors, Crimeware and Privilege Misuse represent 63%2 of incidents within healthcare.

Modernization isn’t without obstacles. It can be a burden to keep up with ever-changing compliance mandates, like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS and GDPR. And non-compliance can lead to stiff fines and penalties, increased oversight and losing patient’s digital trust.

$305 billion3 of cumulative lifetime patient revenue is at risk over the next five years.

With your industry being a top target for cyberattacks — both external and insider privilege misuse — security and privacy concerns are top of mind. In fact, healthcare providers that do not make cybersecurity a strategic priority put $305 billion of cumulative lifetime patient revenue at risk over the next five years.


A risk assessment needs to go beyond just regulatory expectations to ensure an organization is properly assessing, rationalizing and simplifying their existing systems and securing its PHI.

In healthcare IT, uptime and security are non-negotiables. With Quest, you can consolidate your legacy environments, keep your sensitive health records safe, meet compliance requirements and improve the user experience for clinicians to minimize disruption to patient care. Quest is your go-to expert to help move, manage and secure all your critical Microsoft platforms— whether on prem, cloud or hybrid.

Get a better understanding of existing vulnerabilities and their impacts with a Security Assessment from Quest. After a thorough examination of the entire environment and a threat modeling workshop, we will provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current security posture, recommended remediation activities, and guidance to manage risks in the future.

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3Source: Accenture: “The $300 Billion Attack: The Revenue Risk and Human Impact of Healthcare Provider Cyber Security Inaction”