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Modernize your Healthcare IT environment without skipping a beat


78%1 of enterprises — including healthcare organizations — use or plan to use Office 365.

If you’re like many of your industry peers, you’re looking to update your existing infrastructure while also delivering the highest level of patient care.

Miscellaneous Errors, Crimeware and Privilege Misuse represent 63%2 of incidents within healthcare.

Modernization isn’t without obstacles. It can be a burden to keep up with ever-changing compliance mandates, like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS and GDPR. And non-compliance can lead to stiff fines and penalties, increased oversight and losing patient’s digital trust.

$305 billion3 of cumulative lifetime patient revenue is at risk over the next five years.

With your industry being a top target for cyberattacks — both external and insider privilege misuse — security and privacy concerns are top of mind. In fact, healthcare providers that do not make cybersecurity a strategic priority put $305 billion of cumulative lifetime patient revenue at risk over the next five years.

Protect Healthcare IT Security Systems

Healthcare data breaches threaten patient privacy, health and safety. They can also put the healthcare organization itself at risk by undermining its ability to function, blocking access to patient records and preventing access to basic communication tools.

Read this white paper to learn best practices to prevent healthcare data breaches — focused on implementing appropriate strategies, policies, processes, training and cybersecurity defenses — that can mitigate much of the risk that healthcare organizations face.

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