The Art of User Management in Office 365 and OneDrive for Business

Employees are your business's most important resource, so deploying an effective user management strategy is critical to achieving employee retention and productivity. And for organizations that have adopted a cloud or hybrid environment, they can quickly be overwhelmed by the number of users, the amount of data and the speed of change in a cloud or hybrid environment, especially if they rely solely on native tools and manual processes.

In this ebook, we'll explore effective onboarding and offboarding practices for Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, as well as the challenges that IT teams may face, such as:

  • How to master multiple disparate processes
  • How to accurately monitor user adoption
  • How to ensure that licenses are tracked and used efficiently
  • How to establish and enforce good governance

We'll also cover how you can make these user management and data governance tasks as efficient and accurate as possible using Metalogix solutions from Quest. Learn more now.