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SharePlex Data Replication: Staying Afloat After Oracle Streams

Now that Oracle Streams has been deprecated, you need a new way to perform Oracle replication. Of course, Oracle would like you to replace Streams with GoldenGate. But that’ll eat a significant chunk or your budget, and it may not be the safest approach for moving your data anyway.  

What if you could get more functionality to reduce risk than these Oracle replication tools provide – all at a fraction of the cost? Turns out, you can. In this tech brief, you’ll see why so many DBAs and database architects are turning to SharePlex® data replication to replace Oracle’s native tools. 

Check it out today to see how you can use SharePlex to:

  • Achieve high availability.
  • Improve database performance.
  • Offload reporting. 
  • Strengthen data protection. 
  • Reduce costs.