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Top 3 workstation logs to monitor: Improve endpoint security with Sysmon, PowerShell and security logs

Most cyberattacks today begin on user workstations. Why? Well, in part it’s because workstations, unlike servers, are typically the province of non-technical users, who are easier prey for attackers. It’s easy to lay all the blame on users, but attacks are getting more sophisticated all the time. The other side of the coin is that users’ workstations are also particularly vulnerable, for several reasons.

This combination of non-technical users and vulnerable workstations is irresistible to hackers, so you have to make endpoint security a priority. The key to catching attacks as early as possible and stopping them before real damage is done is to properly monitor your workstations. But what’s the best way to do that?

This e-book reveals the three most important logs for tighter Windows workstation security — the security, Sysmon and PowerShell logs — and details exactly which events to collect for each and why.