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Overcome Five Challenges with Importing Your PSTs to Office 365

The use of PST files has been standard practice for years. Users love PSTs because by simply copying or moving data from their main mailbox into their PST folders, they can keep it available for future use while complying with corporate size limits on their primary mailboxes.

Unfortunately, however, PST files can actually cause serious challenges, including:

  • Risk of data loss
  • Reduced desktop performance and user access
  • Difficult e-discovery
  • Heightened compliance concerns
  • Increased IT costs and burden

This e-book explores each of these challenges in detail to uncover the true risks and costs of PST files. With that information, you can better assess your organization’s current policies and practices, and take steps to improve data security, enhance user productivity, mitigate risk and reduce costs by importing PSTs to Office 365.