Flexible and Custom Lock- Down of Users

Straightforward and effective Windows privilege management


Customize Access at Every Level of Your organization

Quest's Validation Logic – a real-time targeting engine -- can apply to any combination of user, user group, organizational unit, specific operating systems, computer group, network subnet, registry key or application. For example, elevate all Windows 7 workstations in a specific organizational unit, but only for select users and groups.

Avoid “Security Group Spaghetti”

Validation Logic makes it clean and simple to target the appropriate users or computers in a straightforward and dynamic manner, based on specific criteria. Avoid the need to create and maintain many overlapping security groups to try and target rules at the desired targets.

Maintain Rules No Matter Where Users Travel

Validation Logic’s advanced targeting features ensure the correct elevation settings always apply when a user travels between offices. Keep your mobile users working, and your network secure.