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Straightforward and effective Windows privilege management

Now you can move users to a least privilege environment, where they do not have local administrative privileges, and reduce costs, downtime and help desk cycles without losing control of your network. Easily elevate user rights for just those applications, features and controls you deem safe -- and keep the rest locked down.

Privilege Manager is just a fraction of the cost of other privilege account management software on the market. And for just $12 per seat, you get all these features:

 PriceFree$12 per seat
 Elevate specific applications
 Elevate Windows processes
 Elevate ActiveX controls
 Elevate application installers
 Elevate all files in a folder
 Get pre-packaged elevation rules for most common needs
 Import rules from Community rules exchange forum
 Verify application installers before elevating
 Share rules with the Privilege Authority Community
 Download community created elevation rules
 Get support for machine-based privilege rules 
 Get assistance creating rules using running processes 
 Verify files by publisher with digital certificates 
Report on individual, group and domain- level privilege elevation activity
Report on privilege elevation policy usage statistics
Report on privilege elevation rule configuration
Create custom reports
 Elevate applications with a publisher certificate 
 Target rules to workstations and servers 
 Target specific operating systems 
 Target rules using our patented Validation Logic 
 Get full email, phone, and web support 
 Avoid advertisements 

 After your 30-day trial of the Professional edition, the software will revert to the lesser-featured Community edition. You won't have the added level of security, tech support, and all the other features shown above, but you can keep the Community edition just for trying Privilege Manager.