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On Demand License Management

Gain complete visibility into Azure AD and Office 365 licenses and utilization. Quest® On Demand License Management provides visibility into Microsoft Office 365 licenses and the reporting capabilities needed to help IT administrators achieve optimal license utilization and ensure the organization isn’t spending valuable IT budget on more licenses than what’s actually needed.
On demand license management - gain visibility into Microsoft Office 365 licenses.
on demand license management
IT administrators are responsible for managing users' Office 365 licenses, including assigning and configuring Office 365 and Azure AD licenses for new employees, cancelling or transferring existing licenses when employees leave the company, and reassigning unassigned licenses to other users. Office 365 license management is a crucial role that ensures the optimum number of licenses are available to support your business today and into the future. On Demand License Management makes this crucial task easier and more cost effective by simplifying management and preventing over-buying of licenses.

Key Benefits

SaaS-based platform

IT administrators can gain greater visibility into Office 365 licensing with this flexible SaaS-based platform.

Office 365 license control

Determine how many Office 365 licenses are available and who they are assigned to.

End user provisioning

Determine if your end users are utilizing Office 365 services that have been provisioned.

Cost control

Understand the cost of un-utilized or underutilized licenses and if a new licensing plan should be considered.


Available licenses

Determine how many Office 365 and Azure AD licenses are available and who are they assigned to.

Office 365 services

Determine if your end users are using the Office 365 services that have been provisioned.

Rate customization

Customize rates to your organization to reveal real costs.

Underutilized license cost

Understand what the cost of un-utilized or underutilized licenses are.

Disabled accounts

Identify any Azure AD disabled accounts with an associated Office 365 or other Microsoft license.

Redundant license types

Determine when a user account has a conflicting or redundant license type assigned to it.

Duplicate licenses

Understand which users bought licenses outside normal procurement processes, leading to duplicates.

Self-purchasing option

Be notified if users have the ability to self-purchase Microsoft Power Platform license products.

Power BI Pro licenses

Understand if Power BI Pro licenses are being underutilized.

Non-active licenses

Be notified of user-assigned licenses with no activity for 30 days.


License management dashboard
Needs attention dashboard
Microsoft self-service alerts
Office 365 product usage
Cost and loss analysis
Power BI Pro license reporting
Conflicting license reporting
Inactive licensed user reports
Deactivated licensed users
One-off license purchases
License management dashboard

License management dashboard

Manage license assignments proactively and gain insight into license distribution to understand total proportion of license types and related costs.

Tech Specs

Available in the following Microsoft Azure regions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • North Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

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